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I was going through my notes and i noticed the scene of the grapefruit. everyone has to remember this one because it was very shocking how the anger of this gangster for being used by the woman makes him throw the fruit to her.

the grapefruit shows how a gangster felt powerless.

sometimes we do that , we want to hit or throw stuff to take our anger out because we use powerless especially the man.

now from a woman point of view , the audience will take it as she looked for it from others it will be more like he didn’t have the right to do that no matter what. but then we got to remind ourselves he was married.

so was it right or wrong to throw the grapefruit?

I will say no, but she was behaving in the wrong way. LOL he was used and raped, to me that’s a funny point of view.

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October 20th, 2010 at 1:47 am

2 Responses to “THE PUBLIC ENEMY”
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      manveer says:

    That was a funny scene. If you were to watch that scene over, you would never expect him to throw it. Thinking about how women were back then compared to now. Women are more forward otherwise if a man did that to a women right now his face would end up in his plate as well. I also like how you mentioned the part where he finds out he got raped by a women. A lot of people wouldn’t want to show that especially in a world like ours where its always men raping women, its nice to actually see the other side. It shows people that what you think based on society doesnt always happen that way. I dont know if i explained what i meant lol.

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