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On this film I want to talk about the main character. Dr. miles. and some cinematography that took place on the film. Basically as we all know around the 1950s  the Cold War was in its vivid moment. The fear of uncertainty of what the future would bring because of  any nuclear attacks from the Soviet Union. To me the Director wants to represent through Dr. Miles to all of  us. At that moment everything seem to be all right when out of the sudden an attack is going to come. I believe Siegel was showing us that attack through the aliens meaning the Soviet Union and the attack of destroying the humanity, meaning us, regular people.

I remember when Dr. Miles and Becky were together wondering why all this weird situation was happening… and then he says “how precious is to be human” and it got me thinking of yes why not to stop the war that makes us look like animals and lets instead be humans that care for the well-being why to hurt why to kill why to change nature with nuclear weapons? that really touched my heart.

Something that also attracted me of the movie is the oblique angles that Siegel used to represent DANGER, suspense, invasion and fear mixed together. close ups to show madness and the music that gave us the essence of what was going on.

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October 27th, 2010 at 10:37 pm

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      rrudman100 says:

    I agree that this film was a direct influence of the happenings of the Cold War. With the sudden conspiracy against Communist and the worry that the Russians had inflitrated the US and were spying on us has a lot to do with this film. The two main characters are being hunted down and stalked by these aliens so that they will allow the pods to take over. It makes so much sense that this movie was made during the Cold War.