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I think pather panchali translates song of the little road, not sure though, but I wanted to talk about a little bit about some women in the film.

it was very sad for me to see how the role of the women in this film is horrible and depressing.  jealousy, envy and frustration is all over the place.

for example this lady of the next door always whining about Durga stealing the food instead of offering to the poor ones. there is lack of caring and helping that the whole film represents from the side of women. because even though the mother of Durga cares about her family, in the whole aspect is not like that. what about the auntie? poor old woman she was a heavy charge for Durga’s mother, she never wanted her to be around, always kicking her out. that doesn’t makes sense, maybe she doesn’t believe in Karma. i dont know how she had the heart to be so mean with her.

This old auntie was always singing and smiling and only the man (Durgas father) care about her, even when she went to the other man to stay, he said you can stay.  i wondered why men were less harsh in that sense. Auntie should have be respected and being take care of. even in the scene where the pebbles disappear ,auntie arrives and nobody answers her whats going on, that made me feel bad about her.

and finally Durga, she was a girl that cared a lot about almost everyone, the elders, the brother, this is shown since she is little. when she is bigger still does what she was doing before, stealing. this time  for herself like the pebbles. we also see how she dreams to have a good husband and that kind of drives her to her own death. kind of weird because right after the praying the storm appears, gets sick and dies.

in conclusion i believe poverty is what causes these women to be jealous, envy, careless and selfish, but we have Durga that makes the difference.

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November 18th, 2010 at 2:48 am

4 Responses to “PATHER PANCHALI”
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      Moshe Kurzweil says:

    I too was kinda shocked at how the old Aunt was treated by her family. Do you think that that might have been why Durga died? Some kind of punishment to her mother for not taking care of her aunt? Like you mentioned in you post, some kind of Karma. Speaking of karma, maybe Durga died because she was a thief, though thats quite a punishment for some guavas. 🙁

  2. 2
      Jacquie Wolpoe says:

    I think a lot of the story way about the freedom of men vs. the duty of women. Durga was constantly judged in her actions and ended up developing these secretive habits as a way of escape. Meanwhile, her younger brother was free to hang out and do whatever he chose.

    Her father disappears and goes off to pursue money, but the mother is left to tend the house, and the children, and somehow keep everyone from starving with no way to earn a living. In the end the women suffer the most.

  3. 3
      mjanczewski says:

    Now that you mention it, I do wonder if karma was at play in this film. When the Aunt died everything seemed to have gone down hill for the family. This film was absolutely heartbreaking and emotional.

  4. 4
      maureen says:

    Wow, I never realized how strongly karma played into the film. I loved it and I felt for Durga and Aunti; they’re both struggling to survive, yet they’re judged and criticized. Durga steals but not out of malice, though I was disappointed when her brother found the necklace in question. I was rooting for her because she, in a way, fought for what she believed in. Durga saw the maltreatment of Auntie by her mother so she took it upon herself to make sure she was fed, but stealing the necklace was unnecessary. Durga’s hope was the calm before the storm but when the storm came, so did all the negativity that her mother had anticipated. Overall, though, I felt that Durga’s mother became increasingly negative and this made a great impact on Durga, destroying her hope and, ultimately, her life.