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Breathless, directed by Jean-Luc Godard and release in 1960 and most importantly dedicated to Monogram Pictures, a U.S. B-studio that made gangster films. This film, is known for the French new wave for breaking many rules, but in the world of Godard this was not breaking the rules, this was making the audience aware and […]

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THE TRIP A Lovely Sort of Death by Roger Corman The Trip, is one of the films released in 1967, by American International Pictures and with starts like Peter Fonda, Susan Strasberg and Bruce Dern. This film shows us how the 1960’s is known for the DRUG CULTURE used mostly for the hippies. Just to […]

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Arthur Penn, wow what a movie very crazy context. a lot of  things going on like: sex drama romance crime let’s start with sex, isn’t funny the scene where Bonnie Parker starts touching the gun that Clyde takes out to rob. i mention this scene because we have her gazing down with an intense look. […]

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Directed by Kenneth Anger (1965) i have many questions for this film, first of all was Kenneth gay? was he trying to make a commercial? well i think he was not gay, but maybe wanted to cause conmotion for anybody in the audience. the whole pinkish colors and baby blue was very strong and it […]

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Directed by Stan Brakhage, is a film where we see the creativity aspect grow. i say this because is amazing how some people come themselves with challenging ideas of putting moths paste then in the filmstrip. that should have been a lot of labor work. i wonder how long it take him to get this […]

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very interesting visual. it gives us a sense of how a city looks with a 8mm camera or is it 16mm? is very interesting to see how fast movements can gives us the sense of great interaction. great visuals, and color and we dont need sound to understand that we are folloing up the pace […]

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Cornell and Jodan a found footage. a very clever film. especially the part where the footage is cut in half, shows us that this people were thinking in many possible ways to show what you can do with film. also why they showed the kangaroo fight? from my understanding was to show a funny fight […]

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No we have Maya Deren, MESHES OF THE AFTERNOON  (1943) I havent been able to watch the whole movie, but from one famous scene that every professor talks about; it seems to be a movie of a lot of crazy ideologies. this movie (104min) seems to be one huge mystery from what i saw if we were […]

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I  am impress how Jonas Mekas, stars giving importance to the art of film by creating Anthology Film Archives. if we wouldnt have this critics and filmmakers we wouldnt be studying this exeptional art. the experimental film post WWII, make a little bit life easier by using hand held cameras 16mm and poratable sound equipment. […]

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