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Ousmane Sembene, makes me proud of how a minority gets to be known for this film, that shows many of the problems of the world. Sembene is an eye opener of the reality of the colonialism, post-colonial identity. identity is a great part that plays in the scene that professor Herzog shows us. i love the dubbing, like  i mention in a comment, it takes deep inside the head of  the black girl, where we see a lot of mix feelings encounter in her inside, but dont come out until she finally gets tired of  the employers. the funny thing is that it takes her time to express herself quitetly and shows them that she is a human being that needs to be treated with respect.

the conclusion of this movie where she suicide herself show us that the voice of the conquered people is turned off and never heard, but at the end we need extreme actions to see what really went wrong.

so to me the way Sembene portrays his movie gives an execution point of how the voice is turned off, but still strong.

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December 7th, 2010 at 10:46 pm