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Godard, the master in breaking the rules in filmmaking, one of many rebellious guy who introduces aspects of film in a new form,  the audience should be aware of the filmic process and here is when the jumps shows off. when i got to watch this movie i was impress how rough he takes us to this process of the jumps. this is the trick to make us aware of the analytical process. the exceptional direct sound from the location is a challenging situation where as some sounds are convenient some others not because the actors cant be heard, but it makes the film especial.

another thing that is interesting about this film is the actors, like Jean Paul, funny guy who always takes us out of the boredom, he is funny and a peculiar character, the guy he moves and express and talks back to actress Jean.

Especially the last scene where he gets shot, and runs sideways and he is SMOKING LOL, come on who has done that in a movie? i dont know but, it’s pretty funny. it takes out of  place.

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December 7th, 2010 at 9:47 pm