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Tomas Gutierrez, i dont know too much about him, but i know he is succesful with his work, because in his time the cuban revolution worked out pretty well. one of the only latin countries to prevail.

but what happens in this scene that we see is a lot of info that we can pick up from. like the moment where Sergio is HARDLY CRITICIZING everything, Cuba itself, he makes fun of the country where he lives, but at the same time does it with the situation the wife is gonna go through, even talks bad about her, he doesn’t love her. he seems to treat women as objects, all the time flirting, sleeping and staying home seriously he has nothing to do, but criticize . he prefers to stay behind.

I have come to the conclusion that he stays behind because he feels better in Cuba than in an unknown world.

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December 7th, 2010 at 11:10 pm