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As we all know this are films that concentrate on movement and dream imagery. this language is use to visualize the mysteries of the mind and makes us travel on places that we don’t even know, maybe i am repeating myself with previous post about films taking us to unknown places, that the art of filmmaking makes us believe is almost real. since is influenced by the surrealismĀ  it takes us to believe that there is meaning in every single part of our life, that there’s more than things just being objects. objects give us meaning, life and draw many aspect of the moment.

  • the best example is ballet mecanique, this film shows us how every object is important, how makes its preformance and in contributes to the world. you know what is so funny that i try to show itĀ  to a couple of people and they felt lost and almost sick. I came to the conclusion that in order to make tghem understand the meaning of the art of film they really have to take acourse to introduce them what was like back then. everyday was an experiment and still is, even though nowadays is more digitalize. i even try to explain that this film was an experiment, opening new worlds. then i realize we are looking for things to make sense if they dont we dont like it. but what happens when you think outside the box and begin to see meaning?
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December 8th, 2010 at 10:57 am