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No we have Maya Deren, MESHES OF THE AFTERNOON  (1943) I havent been able to watch the whole movie, but from one famous scene that every professor talks about; it seems to be a movie of a lot of crazy ideologies.

this movie (104min) seems to be one huge mystery from what i saw if we were in this world we would be able to see ourselves in multiples meaning 3 or 4 of ourselves at the same time, to fly in the ceiling, to see maybe the dead, but some how the dead becomes a person, but wait the dead has a mirror as face. so if im interpreting this my own way, is the dead somebody that we know, is you, is myself, or is the dead playing with you?

from all this explanation maybe you are lost as i am, but tell me didnt that happened to you? it happen to me and this scene that we see no dialogue has a lot of rich context, with that humming sound and maybe one drum and i dont remeber what else, but is a movie that we lose you all the time.

is funny that i have notice that the some of the movies watched on class gives us the feeling of discomfort, in my case i like that discomfort, because in takes out of your comfort zone and thats the way we learn in real life. i know a movie of this type is not real, but it gives you a highlight of the impossible being possible inside the screen. sometimes i feel that i want to be in that world.

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December 8th, 2010 at 11:21 am