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Arthur Penn, wow what a movie very crazy context. a lot of  things going on like:

  • sex
  • drama
  • romance
  • crime

let’s start with sex, isn’t funny the scene where Bonnie Parker starts touching the gun that Clyde takes out to rob. i mention this scene because we have her gazing down with an intense look. then approaches her hands to it, and touches it with pleasure. pretty awkward and clever to show sex, without having sex. is for us to notice the romance that is going to grow through the whole movie.

also what about the moments that he couldn’t accomplish his man job… sad moments is like he was able to be a man to steal, but not to make love to Bonnie. maybe is to shows us that in some way stealing takes away his values and honesty. the guiltyness of feeling wrong for what he does.

Drama: well one moment that shows us drama is Blanche, Jesus Christ, she was always yelling, yelling and yelling. it was annoying maybe was her job to break the calmness. we also have the moment where she is in the hospital and describes C.W. then right after that the sheriff doesnt pay attention to her.

then the romance, this part shows increasingly because they are just co-workers  at the beginning, then friends then something else. we never see when they become a real couple but we notice it. and the love flourishes because each other takes care of the other and look out for each other. they both listen to themselves and obey each other in some way. isn’t that sweet?

finally the crime wow great images of crime. the chasing the shooting the killing the robberies. wow overloaded with it. they were a full time active robbers. lovely scenes, that show comedy and drama. comedy at the beginning with that music and then drama with that ending. very rough context. it seems to be a couple of shots weren’t enough to kill anybody. people had it to get shot continuously to make sure they die.

The end was a complex situation because, if we think about it the director makes sure we see how criminals are, but then we forget about all the bad stuff they and then we love them. the sympathy that we have with the characters is so strong that we dont care at all what they did previously… so to me it was a great ending in the sense that not always you can win and get away with the bad actions you commit.

in reality we all know that this ending wouldn’t work at all in the present. this will be consider suicide for anybody involve in the film, the audience always wants happy endings. and even though i am one of those, i will prefer to see what i don’t want to see.

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December 8th, 2010 at 9:57 pm