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IĀ  am impress how Jonas Mekas, stars giving importance to the art of film by creating Anthology Film Archives.

if we wouldnt have this critics and filmmakers we wouldnt be studying this exeptional art.

the experimental film post WWII, make a little bit life easier by using hand held cameras 16mm and poratable sound equipment. the great deal of expansion in distribution, the rise of university programs andĀ strong ties with otjher artist. i believe the value of expresionism is one of the best feelings you can have to improve lifes. to shows us the world. i know that the best option to see reality is a documentary, but a fiction movie takes us to the impossivble and at least seeing it, makes us feel somehow awake in a dream. i guess humans beings would love sometimes to feel the dream for real like INCEPTION, jesus christ the writer and director and master minds. i dont know if is the same person, but it really is a movie that you should have in your collection.

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December 8th, 2010 at 11:08 am