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very interesting visual. it gives us a sense of how a city looks with a 8mm camera or is it 16mm?

is very interesting to see how fast movements can gives us the sense of great interaction. great visuals, and color and we dont need sound to understand that we are folloing up the pace of a big city.

the scenes that are more interesting are the ones from the building with an almost an eyebird view, not too high but high. we can see the flow of the rutine of an everyday life.

another scene that is interesting is the cargo ships that scene seem to be from the cartoons because they move like there is a coordination among them. maybe their is. but it fast motion looks almost like a musical.

 finally, the scene of his husband struggling to write something in the typewriter machine. we see the desperation , frustration and if this is fast pace that means is taking him for ever to write a paper. so we can see that sometimes it takes a longgggg process to be inspire and put the ideas in paper or even to come out with the idea.

so it was a very attractive film to see ny in its own movement.

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December 8th, 2010 at 2:20 pm