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Directed by Stan Brakhage, is a film where we see the creativity aspect grow. i say this because is amazing how some people come themselves with challenging ideas of putting moths paste then in the filmstrip. that should have been a lot of labor work.

i wonder how long it take him to get this project ready, but in the long run it was worth it. we can appreciate how much work is put into it and how danger cn it be if it burns.

It is very sad that some artist like him can not make it in the sense of money to feed his kids. that is very sad because it makes doubt soes it make sense to get into the industry of film in a way or is it only for people with money…

but like everything in life, we have to make it work one way or the other.

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December 8th, 2010 at 2:27 pm

One Response to “MOTHLIGHT”
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      nyminded says:

    I agree with you and I think that if this was done today it would be in MOMA. The fact that this was done so long ago and yet it is so contemporary is amazing because it shows that creativity is timeless and it comes natural regardless of economical success.